Basics of Android Architecture for Developers: The Must-Know of Every Developer

Dec 28, 2015

Popularity of Android OS is unquestionable! If, today, millions of users use Android-powered mobile devices, a growing count of exciting apps and a surging community of participants make the future even more promising. In addition to the evident interest among the developers, it's also the simplistic UI that makes most of the users of this OS to easily change the system setting and insert or remove apps on preference. However the knowledge of all these may not be enough when it comes to Android application development. (מעצבי פנים מומלצים) איציק ניב אדריכלים What Should a Developer do? Due to huge popularity of Google Android and its growing use many Android app companies have come up. Many of these companies offer solutions online. They are also consistently searching for good developers. To be a good developer one needs to understand fully the basic architecture of Android OS. Such understanding will render them expert and accomplished Android app developer and they will be very useful for the hiring company.

Android Architecture Diagram

Learning about the building blocks of the Android OS it will be necessary having a view at the Android architecture diagram. It can be seen from the diagram (as cited below) that Android consists of multiple layers. Each of these layers offer unique propositions for the layer located just above it. Taken together, the layers constitute the operating system as well as the apps to be used in them. Layers that combine to create the operating system are as follows. עיצוב גינות נוי LINUX Kernel that works as the backbone of the operating system. Different libraries for the user to fall back as resources Android apps to be used during run time. Application framework. Dedicated and customized Android app development. The app that we develop will go to the Android Apps layer. Now we will look at each of these layers in detail: Understanding the Backbone Layer Usually the Android app development company will start the project with the Linux kernel. It works as foundation for the entire operating system. This layer can be customized with the introduction of some custom built apps. Kernel refers to the core of the operating system and it includes Android. Developer should not get confused as they cannot run Linux packages directly onto Android. Native Android Libraries With the use of libraries in the operating system the Android app company is able to regulate multiple data types. Main native libraries include the followings. Surface manager combining off screen buffering with the Windows manager works as the vital point in the school. SQLite works as database engine and helps task accomplishment. Webkit. Is browser engine and it has the capability of displaying HTML contents. OpenGL can render 2D and 3D graphics for any project Android may be efficient and competent but addition of depth touches, especially innovative and authentic apps can help the maker t o a great extent.